Old Clothing Donation Adelaide

Hackham Recyclers is a Charity Donation Bank of Vinnies.

Decided it's time to declutter? Or the kids have outgrown their clothes, but they're still in excellent condition? By donating your pre-loved items to Vinnies they will get a new life, support Australians doing it tough and reduce landfill and the impact on the environment.

Vinnies shops need your great quality items to help fund Vinnies programs across the country that support 1.3 million vulnerable Australians each year. Thank you so much for your wonderful donations!

What can I donate?

When considering whether something can be donated to Vinnies, our rule of thumb is if you'd give it to a friend, then it's ok to give to Vinnies.

  • Men's women's and children's clothing and accessories
  • Homewares, including manchester
  • Kids toys

You can also place donations into the donation bins provided. If they are full, please do not leave donations outside the bins as they are likely to get damaged due to the weather/environment and we will have to take them to lanfill.

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