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Buying Scrap Metal

Hackham Recyclers is Adelaide‘s first choice when it comes to scrap metal recycling. Hackham Recyclers provides a range of services for the safe disposal and collection of waste materials and recyclable goods. If you have unwanted material, or are unsure if your waste metal is suitable for scrap metal recycling, please call our office in Adelaide today.

Hackham Recyclers specialises in buying, processing and exporting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our priority is to give our customers the most competitive scrap metal price and the highest level of customer service every time.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Includes:
Scrap Steel

We take all kinds of scrap steel. From light steel (sheet iron, rain water tanks) to the heavy duty stuff (thick steel poles, beams and benches).

Cars and Car Bodies
  • Got an old car collecting cobwebs in your yard? Then turn it in to cash.
  • Petrol Tank to be spiked at lowest point.
  • No LPG gas tank
  • Battery out for better price
White Goods
  • If your old appliance is past its use-by-date, don’t give it away or let the delivery guy make money from it.
  • Scrap it! Washing machines, fridges, dryers, microwaves – we pay cash for them all!
Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Includes:
  • we take all kinds of Aluminium, (Extruded, Cast, Sheet or Domestic Ali, and Alloy Wheels)
  • Off-cuts, cuttings, wheel rims, pots and pans, cast aluminium, aluminium turnings
  • All types of brass
  • Mixed Plumbers Brass
  • 70 / 30 Brass
  • Honey Brass
  • Brass Borings
  • Brass Taps and ornaments
Copper / Insulated Copper Cable
  • copper wire (plastic and non plastic coated)
  • burnt copper
  • domestic copper
  • PVC insulated copper
  • and even armoured copper cable
Stainless Steel
  • We don’t care if your stainless steel is shiny or dull, bent or broken – we’ll take it.
  • Everything from office equipment to kitchen sinks can be scrapped!
Car Batteries
  • Dumping lead car and truck batteries isn’t just illegal – it’s illogical!
  • Bring them to us. We’ll scrap them and pay you cash for them. Scrap in – cash out
Electric Motors / Transforms
  • Scrap your all copper electric motor and with the cash you make, you might be able to buy a new one!
  • Any electric motors and transforms, we will take it
  • Car radiators., Air-conditioning radiators
  • Brass, copper and aluminium radiators
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